• Guidelines against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

  • Article 1 Purposes and Basis.

    In view of the fact that money laundering will undermine the development of the digital

    asset trading, facilitate and breed corruption, pollute social morality, damage the

    legitimate rights and interests of Users, destroy the foundation for the sound operation of

    digital assets trading the Platforms, increase the legal and operational risks of digital

    assets trading the Platforms, SaBi formulates these Rules in accordance with the User

    Agreement of SaBi Website, the User Agreement of SaBi APP and other documents of

    the company, so as to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, fully perform

    relevant regulations against money laundering and terrorist financing.

    Article 2 Scope of Application. These Rules shall apply to all Users trading on the

    website of SaBi and the APP thereof (hereinafter referred to as "the Platform"). The

    Users shall implement the provisions of these Rules in accordance with the anti-money

    laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws and regulations of the country or region where

    they are located and within the scope prescribed by the laws and regulations of the

    region or country where they are located. Where there are stricter requirements in the

    country or region where the Users are located, such requirements shall prevail.

    Article 3 Fight Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. It refers to the

    activities in which measures are adopted pursuant to relevant laws and relevant rules and

    regulations of the Platform, for the purpose of preventing money laundering activities that

    are carried out by offenders through the Platform for the purpose of covering up and

    concealing the source and nature of the proceeds and profits that such offenders obtain

    through such crimes as those relating to narcotics, organized crimes, terrorism,

    smuggling, graft, bribery, financial fraud, breach of financial regulation and order, inter


    Article 4   Relevant   Rules   and   Regulations  of   the   Platform   against   Money


  • The rules and regulations of SaBi against money laundering (including

    terrorist financing; the same hereafter) include this Guidelines, sections concerning

    money laundering in the User Agreement of SaBi Website and the User Agreement of

    SaBi APP. In the event of any conflict between this Guidelines and the money laundering

    sections of sections concerning money laundering in the User Agreement of SaBi

    Website and the User Agreement of SaBi APP, this Guidelines shall prevail.

    Article 5 Basic Principles of the Platform against Money Laundering.

    The Platform monitors User risks according to the following principles:

  • (1) The Platform will take into account all kinds of

    risk factors on the basis of which Users may be suspected of money laundering, and

    monitor risks of all Users in an appropriate manner.

    (2) On the basis of fully understanding the Users, the Platform

    will improve its ability to authenticate User identities, and monitor User risks in a prudent


    (3)y . The Platform will pay sustainable attention to User risks

    and respond to risks on the basis of actual and specific circumstances of each risk.

    (4)y . The User identity information, transaction information

    and risk level held by the Platform shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be

    provided to any entity or individual unless it is required by laws or regulatory authorities.

    (5) The Platform will regularly review the basic

    information of the Users according to the risk level of each User. And the review of Users

    with a higher risk level shall be stricter than that of Users with a lower risk level.

    Article 6 Responsible Organ. The Platform carries out operations against money

    laundering via a guidance group for money laundering affairs and a team for advancing

    the fight against money laundering, each of which shall consist of members from the risk

    control department and compliance department of the Platform.

    Article 7 Functions of the Responsible Organ.

    The guidance group for money laundering affairs is responsible for planning, guiding and

    coordinating the money laundering affairs of the Platform, with its specific responsibilities

    including the following:

    (1) to review and approve money laundering policies of the Platform, work plans and

    work reports of the Platform on money laundering;

    (2) to promulgate and update the guiding principles and rules of the Platform against

    money laundering;

    (3) to review the organizational structure and designation of posts of the Platform and

    sub-websites thereof against money laundering;

    (4) to design and complete procedures for internal inspection and control of transactions;

    (5) to study major and difficult problems relating to money laundering and to form